LIST Company Inc is proud to be the LEADER in the DÉCOR INDUSTRY & in the COMMUNITY

Marrying the traditional and timeless selection of products with the unique and trendsetting décor boasting over 5,000 unique items for your home and event décor needs!

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Our Family of Product Brands

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Our Core Beliefs


We sell the highest quality products available.

Highest Quality

Our products are higher quality than can be found in a typical retail store. We care deeply about your satisfaction and want to build a life time relationship. We are so confident of the quality of our products we back every item with a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee.


Our prices are lower than the Big Box stores!

Our products are inexpensive (not cheap!).

While we sell the highest quality products, we price them very low. The most common comment we get from customers is our products are WAY higher quality than they expected because our pricing is so low.


We care about your experience!

we have a live, friendly service team available for you!

You can call, chat, or email with our team. They understand how important your order is and will bend over backwards to make you satisfied. Second, we ship orders the SAME DAY they are received. Once you buy it, we know you want it delivered QUICKLY.

Our Promises

To our Customers:

  • We commit to carrying the highest quality products.
  • We commit to offering guaranteed Same Day Shipping on your order.
  • We commit to delivering your order On Time and Undamaged.
  • We commit to allowing you to be 100% satisfied, which means you can return any item to us, for any reason, at any time, and to receive a 100% refund for that product.
  • We commit to offering you personal service. If you want to order over the phone, ask questions about our products, get help with a return, whatever it is, we are here for you.

To our Employees:

  • We commit to offering an exciting, safe, and rewarding job opportunity.
  • We commit to paying you well for a job well done.
  • We commit to offering a great plan of health benefits and paying for 95% of it.
  • We commit to offering generous time off for you to spend time with your family.

To our Community:

  • We commit to supporting local schools, marching bands, sports teams, booster clubs, and more by sponsoring and encouraging the teamwork and discipline they teach our children.
  • We commit to funding scholarships for needy and deserving families.
  • We commit to donating to charities that provide food, clothing and shelter for those in need.
  • We do this by donating at least 8-10% of the company profits to charitable causes every year.